About Us

Our Mission

To improve the lives of those we touch through activities that engage, challenge and connect them to others.

FX Core Value: Fun

We believe that fun is an integral part of life and essential to well-being. We seek to create a fun environment for our customers and our employees every day.

FX Core Value: Family

We value families and believe that shared experiences build strong family bonds. We seek to engage all family members with memorable activities they can enjoy together.

FX Core Value: Fitness

We believe that fitness of body, mind and spirit leads to happier and healthier lives. We seek to help everyone realize their full potential by engaging them in challenging and rewarding activities.

FX Core Value: Fellowship

We believe that people thrive when they are connected to others through meaningful relationships. We seek to build a community of people who care about, share with and inspire each other.

At AirFX we live the core values every day. Our goal is to deliver something we call the Xperience for our customers – every time. What is the Xperience?

The Xperience we provide for our customers makes them feel special. Their lives are changed through their engagement with us. Every time they visit they leave better than when they came. They keep coming back because we recognize their needs, deliver what they want, and help them achieve their goals.

Come visit us and Feel the FX!