Let us take care of everything

with a Birthday Party Package!

This is your child’s big day. Relax and enjoy it. Make memories and take pictures. Let us worry about the details.

We will prepare your party space for you. Your party host will greet your guests as they arrive. We will make sure that everyone – especially the guest of honor – has an experience that they will never forget

Walk-in Birthday Parties

are Welcome!

Want to do it yourself? Go right ahead. You can purchase individual passes, choose the add-ons (Lazer Frenzy, socks, pizza, drinks, etc.), and bring your own cake and ice cream. Pull some tables together on the floor and enjoy your refreshments when everyone is done jumping, climbing and tumbling!

Please respect the rules all of our guests must follow: we allow you to bring cake and ice-cream. All other outside food and drink is not permitted.

Birthday Party Packages