Ninja Warrior Zone

Test your skills. Rise to the challenge. Be a warrior.

Do you have what it takes to be a ninja warrior?

Our two ninja warrior courses have more than 24 unique elements that will test your skills and push your body to the limit. Get a grip on the beast balls. Navigate through the floating disks. Shred the cheese boards. Sail through the silks. Become a warrior.

Included with General Admission
Grip socks required

Test your balance and agility

Each obstacle is designed to challenge you both physically and mentally. Ninja warriors must have great balance and agility to complete the courses successfully.

Build your strength and endurance

Some of the obstacles require physical strength and endurance. If you attempt the entire course your muscles will feel it! Who said a workout can’t be fun?

Fun for all ages

Our ninja warrior courses include something for everyone. Even the tiniest warriors will find success and feel ready to take on the next challenge!