Fun for the whole family

There is something for everyone to enjoy at AirFX. Our mission is to see family and friends spending time together playing and having fun. Whether you come to watch or want to jump into the action, you will find plenty of fun activities and great food too!

New Attractions

We have exciting news! AirFX has FOUR amazing new attractions opening this spring.

Valo Jump – NOW OPEN

mixed-reality trampoline game

AeroStrike – NOW OPEN

trampoline cageball target game

SkyPods – NOW OPEN

trampoline reaction challenge

High-9 – NOW OPEN

trampoline speed and height challenge

The Valo games are super fun. I brought 2 people who had never came to Air FX before and they had a blast. Also the games on the wall that light up and you hit with one or two players is extremely cool and fun! There was 6 in my group and we left on a high. We all had a blast.