Climber Zone

When you are ready to try something truly epic, come check out our newest attraction: the Climber Zone featuring Clip ‘n Climb®. Climbers of all ages and skill levels will be drawn to nine different colorful and unique climbing structures. Each one requires a different climbing technique.

Place hands and feet carefully to reach the top of the Twister. Test your nerves and balance as you ascend the Stairway to Heaven. Race a friend up the Jungle Gym. Try to beat your best time on the Speed Wall.

Climbers must be at least 40″ tall and weigh 25 lbs. or more. Grip socks or closed toe shoes are required.

The sport of rock climbing is growing rapidly. This fun activity helps build confidence, strength and endurance. Plus it is a great physical activity that family and friends can do together. Clip ‘n Climb is a great way to introduce new children and new climbers to the sport.

If you are new to climbing, don’t worry. Our staff will make sure that everyone is properly harnessed and clipped before anyone begins climbing. You will also receive instructions and plenty of encouragement to climb higher than ever before. If you have a fear of heights you can start slowly and only climb as high as you feel comfortable. Our goal is to make sure you have a great Xperience – and that you want to keep reaching new heights.